Finding Doctors and Other Medical Providers

Using in-network doctors and providers will help you get the best benefit because your benefit providers have negotiated rates with those in their network.

To find network doctors, hospitals and urgent care clinics where you live, visit and click on "Find a Doctor or Hospital", select your state from the drop-down menu, and select the BlueChoice PPO Network.

Both Enable Midstream medical options have out-of-area benefits. This means that if there are no in-network providers within 50 miles of your home or work site, you can get in-network rates. Contact BCBS to learn more and get help finding doctors near you.

You can find dental providers on Delta Dental's Enable Midstream site. Our plan includes both the PPO and Premier networks. To get the best negotiated rates on your dental care, look for providers in the PPO network.

Search for vision providers at



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